First blog post

Hi all, and welcome to my new blog/website! I am a model horse tack maker, which means I work in a *tiny* scale to reproduce real tack pieces to fit model horses. I work mostly in 1:9 scale (aka Traditional scale), but I have also made pieces for 1:16 and 1:32 scale models. At the moment my focus is on Arabian tack, but when you visit the Other Galleries page you can see other types of tack that I made in the past (like this one):


I hope to use this blog to show my in-progress tack pieces, and perhaps share some handy tips and tricks about making tack 🙂 I really want to keep this blog updated! Knowing myself though, I might not get around to updating it every day or week…So this is a challenge! Anyway, I h0pe you enjoy reading though it. Thank you for visiting!





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