Monthly Archives: October 2016

Working on commissions

As of yesterday, this halter commission is complete. It’s based on a real halter in native style.

I have another commission in the works that is also based on a real native presentation set. It’s a very stylish set in dark red with dark blue and yellow accents. So far I have the base for the halter (not pictured), and the collar is nearly complete. Just need to add tassels to the ends of the ropes. The tassels still need a bit of styling too, they are all over the place now!



New addition to the herd

In my collection reside 3 Breyer Proud Arabian Mares now, but shockingly, none of those have a matching foal! So a week ago, I decided to buy a Proud Arabian Foal body for customizing. He will be either chestnut or bay – I haven’t decided yet. Here he is with my grey PAM (who will also be customized at some point):

He’s adorable right? I have already resculpted his tail and hooves, and repositioned his legs since the original model’s legs toe out quite a bit. 

He has his own cute foal halter as well, in macrame style.

I still need to work on his mane, ears and…ahem… his ‘boy bits’, so painting is still a long way off. But I can’t wait to see this little guy in a soft baby bay or chestnut coat!