Akmar Tribute Live – Performance

Yesterday I went to my very first live show ever in Pijnacker, The Netherlands – it was an amazing experience! There were many great people to talk with about the hobby, and even more fantastic horses to look at. In short, I had a great time! Here are some of the pictures I took. 

The day started with Alternative Performance, which included natural horsemanship, costume, bareback and some other classes. I was pleasantly surprised to see my red costume take first place in Costume! This show was a BMEC/NAN qualifying show, so I was really excited for this class.

Look at this guy’s tiny saddle, amazing!

Then came the Western performance division. This included some great entries with cows, and lots of colourful tack and rider outfits.

And lastly, the English performance section:

I am in LOVE with this Friesian

Great games entry with a trash container

The jumping section of performance is definitely my favourite. There were some really great entries in that class, including one with an African themed jump, and one with a very nice large cross country jump. 

I don’t show performance (except for Costume) because I don’t own any other LSQ tack. But this show’s performance entries have definitely inspired me to try more performance some day! Photos of the halter classes will be in my next post.


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