Akmar Tribute Live – Halter

In my last post I covered the performance division of Akmar Tribute Live. Now it’s time to look at all those gorgeous halter horses!

The day started with OF Breed (which I largely missed because I was too busy admiring other people’s collections). 

I didn’t have many horses in this section (3 I believe?) so this was the perfect time for me to take some photos of others’ tables:

After the (for me) pretty relaxed Performance division and OF Breed section, I had some more horses to enter in AR Breed. 

For some reason I kept forgetting to photograph my own horses (d’oh!). But mine did pretty well their first time out. My customized chestnut Rasam resin took second place in the (quite competitive) Arabian class. And my black Mindy resin took second in Gaited, even when she was up against a few full-sized Independence resins. 

Next up was the CM Breed section (which I mostly forgot to photograph again):

The last division of the day was Workmanship, which included OF, AR and CM. For some reason I managed to photograph my winners in that division, but didn’t take any other photos (probably because I was already packing some of my horses).

My OF Matrix took 1st in OF Workmanship Appaloosa, and was then chosen as Reserve to Reserve Champion of the OF Workmanship section. The same goes for my Mindy resin, which took Reserve to Reserve in AR Workmanship. And my custom etched Silver was named Champion of CM Workmanship. The biggest surprise came when he was also crowned Overall Champ of Workmanship! Needless to say I’m super proud 🙂 

So all in all, this show was a great experience, and I can’t wait to attend the next one! 


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