Live show rescue horse

I didn’t leave the Akmar Tribute show empty handed… 

This guy was sitting on the sales table for a while, when my boyfriend (who accompanied my to the show) spotted him. He knows I love a good project and a challenge, so he picked the horse up and gave it to me. I gladly took him home and stripped him of any remaining paint. I was planning to do a simple custom on him, but then this happened…

He is now ‘loping’ (a slow canter). He has a long way to go, but we’re getting there. Eventually I will resculpt most of his head, mane, tail, hindquarters and his left elbow/shoulder. The inspiration for this custom came from this real horse:

I also decided to let my boyfriend name him. This horse shall now be known as Diesel Black Gold, or just Diesel. If he turns out well I might just have to get a nice tack set for him for future shows…


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