Preparing for my first live show

The lack of posts in the last month is due to an exciting event coming up – my first live show! As some of you might know, the Netherlands do not have very many live shows because there aren’t as many hobbyists around as in the USA for example. So it’s a little harder to find a show that’s close enough to go to.
But I have finally found a show close to me (less than an hour away) on the 19th of November that I can actually attend!

Of course there are many things I have to do before the show, including finishing some customs, restoring some horses to LSQ state, and making some tack to show/sell. And then there is the seemingly endless amount of paperwork I had to prepare for the show!

 This red binder has been the focus of my attention the last few weeks. It contains all the files I need for the show, including a class list…

A comprehensive list of all the horses I want to show and the classes they go in…

And finally a seperate list/sheet for each horse that lists the shows, classes and placings they have earned. 

I put the seperate sheets into plastic sleeves (2 horses per sleeve). I can also put any documentation, tags and potential ribbons into the sleeves. Super handy! I hope this system will make my first showing experience a little less hectic 🙂 

Of course I’ll try to keep this blog up to date as the show date comes closer. And expect many pictures of the show afterwards! 


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