Monthly Archives: December 2016

Another sneak peek

Here is another quick peek at my customized PAF, and his mom. Work in progress!


Late night studio update

Today I have been doing everything except making tack. I started the day by doing some simple custom work on this cute little Breyer PAF.

He will eventually be an adorable baby chestnut colour. Then I worked a bit on these two stablemate customs that have been lying around my desk for too long.

The rearing one will be a Lipizzaner stallion once I’m done with him, and the galloping one will be a Lusitano. And finally I put another layer of oil paint on my Branston resin. The grey color on her head starts to resemble the colour I’m aiming for. 

Lots of work to be done still, but today was a productive day customizing-wise 🙂 

I also started a new project: making miniature props. I made some mini carrots and an apple. The carrots look pretty nice, but I’m not 100% satisfied with the apple… I guess I need to practise a little more.

Christmas halters

Want to spice up your collection this holiday season? Check out these lovely Christmassy halters!

#1: “Christmas Tree”. Beautiful halter in different shades of green and gold. Features handmade cowries and golden sharks teeth charms. 

#2: “Gluhwein”. This halter was inspired by a special European Christmas beverage  called gluhwein, which is warm red wine with spices. It comes in shades of purple-ish red and gold, and features cowrieshells and golden sharks teeth.

#3: “Starry Night”. A lovely dark purple halter with lots of silver accents. It features handmade cowrieshells, and silver coin and star charms. 

All halters fit the PS Arab, Breyer PAM and the Salome resin.

Each halter is priced at only €15! They come without leadropes, but I can make one for just €1 added to the price. If you would like a Christmas halter, please contact me through the ‘Contact’ page. But be fast before they are sold out 🙂

Dark red set

Recently I finished this lovely dark red presentation set. It was a commission for someone, so I hope she will be happy with it too. Please excuse the pictures, I need to take better ones when the weather is nicer here.

I also put the set on my new Salome resin. It’s slightly too large for her, but the colour looks really nice on her.

New model

A week or two ago I ordered a WIA Salome model from Modellpferdeversand, which is the original finish resin version of Brigitte Eberl’s resin Salome. The sculpting on this horse is absolutely beautiful! Every detail is just right, and she has loads of character. Unfortunately her OF paintjob was not LSQ (which was to be expected since I bought her as a ‘B-wares’ model). So she will be sent to a painter after New Year’s. Here are some pictures of her anyway, since she photographs like a dream! 

Her new coat will be light flea bitten grey, which suits her lovely face I think 🙂

Macrame mania

This weekend was spent trying out some new macrame designs. I made some with spiralling knots, some with different kinds of beads, and even one multicolored one! 

These will all be turned into halters in the next few days. All of them will be for sale except the black one with the clear beads (that’s a commission). 

In other news, a new Arabian model horse will arrive tomorrow…can you guess which one? 

How to Macrame

Yesterday when I was finishing up a halter commission, I thought it would be fun to give you a kind of “sneak peek” how I make macrame halters. This is not a tutorial (although I do intend to make one about macrame halters one day), but it does explain some basic stuff I do when I’m macrame-ing 🙂 

I started out with some black embroidery thread and some clear beads. For this halter I only used the so-called square knot of macrame. I also use this knot to secure beads into the pattern. When I start a halter, I always knot a short length with just the square knot – that will be the bit that holds the jumprings for the noseband (of nose chain). Only after I’ve done that, I start knotting in beads.

Short length of knots before beading starts

As you might have noticed, I like to attach the thread to a large needle, and tape that to the table. You can also pin the tread on a board.

Next I’ll show you how I add in beads:

I have 3 strands: 2 very long ones that I use to make knots with, and 1 thick shorter strand to add beads on. I take a bead and thread it onto the thick strand.

Then I slide the bead all the way up to where it is supposed to go. Notice that the long strands on the side are not used yet.

I then take the longer strands and make the first half of a square knot around the bead. I pull the knot tight against the bead and do the other half of the square knot.

Here is the knot pulled tight.

I then continue on to knot until I reach the bit that goes over the top of the horse’s head (the crown piece if you like). I generally leave that unbeaded. When I reach the other side of the horse’s head I continue beading until the strap is symmetrical. Later I add the jumprings that will hold the noseband and the chain that goes under the chin. 

So, this is a small insight into making macrame halters. If you’d like to learn some macrame knots, this website is a great help!