Christmas halters

Want to spice up your collection this holiday season? Check out these lovely Christmassy halters!

#1: “Christmas Tree”. Beautiful halter in different shades of green and gold. Features handmade cowries and golden sharks teeth charms. 

#2: “Gluhwein”. This halter was inspired by a special European Christmas beverage  called gluhwein, which is warm red wine with spices. It comes in shades of purple-ish red and gold, and features cowrieshells and golden sharks teeth.

#3: “Starry Night”. A lovely dark purple halter with lots of silver accents. It features handmade cowrieshells, and silver coin and star charms. 

All halters fit the PS Arab, Breyer PAM and the Salome resin.

Each halter is priced at only €15! They come without leadropes, but I can make one for just €1 added to the price. If you would like a Christmas halter, please contact me through the ‘Contact’ page. But be fast before they are sold out 🙂


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