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Happy New Year!

A little very late, but I wish you all a very happy new year with lots of joy (and hopefully lots of model horses). During the holidays I mostly relaxed and ate food (hello, extra kilos), but I also worked on some models. Here are some pictures of the progress.

This girl is the custom PAM I started a few weeks ago. She is no longer earless and bald! She obviously still needs a tail and lots of prepping, but she’s getting there!


I love the sweet expression of the PAM model, it’s really one of Maureen Love’s best sculptures in my opinion. To make her performance friendly, I made a slightly lifted forelock, and a bridle path.


At the same time, I am also planning the colours of her own costume. She will likely have a blue/red/cream costume. No idea when I’ll have time to actually put the costume together though…


And then there is this beautiful Branston resin that I customized to look like the horse I used to ride. She’s coming along really nicely so far!


And lastly there is this Wee Wyakin resin that has been in my body box for faaaar too long. I got her as a body that needed stripping, which took me a long time. After that I lost interest for a while because I had already put so much work into just getting her cleaned up. But then I decided to paint her in the holidays because she IS a very pretty resin. She’s now a dapple smutty buckskin. I still need to work on her hooves a little more, and gloss her eyes. After that she will be pretty much done.


So, that’s what I have been up to the last few weeks. I will start making Arab tack again soon though! Don’t worry 😉


New model

A week or two ago I ordered a WIA Salome model from Modellpferdeversand, which is the original finish resin version of Brigitte Eberl’s resin Salome. The sculpting on this horse is absolutely beautiful! Every detail is just right, and she has loads of character. Unfortunately her OF paintjob was not LSQ (which was to be expected since I bought her as a ‘B-wares’ model). So she will be sent to a painter after New Year’s. Here are some pictures of her anyway, since she photographs like a dream! 

Her new coat will be light flea bitten grey, which suits her lovely face I think 🙂

New arrival

A few weeks ago this gorgeous new model arrived, but I didn’t take decent pictures of it until today.

This is a customized Fly By Wire resin (sculpted by Melanie Miller) to be a portrait of the amazing Thoroughbred mare Eight Belles. She was turned into a mare and painted by B. Konings. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but this gal has hair-by-hair greying and beautiful subtle dappling!

She also came with her 2 champ rosettes, won at live shows in The Netherlands. I am so happy to own this amazing resin, and this girl will have a permanent home with me.