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Cowries and tassels

Yesterday was spent making cowrie shells and tassels for several projects. I am currently working on a halter commission that will be a replica of this real halter.


The cowries and gold plates are finished, now I just need to make the base of the halter.


And I am also working on a red costume for myself. This one has the new style of tassels, which look super silky! Now I’m debating wether to change all the tassels on the blue costume to this new style… It will be lots of extra work, but I get the feeling that it will be worth it. Anyway, both costumes have a long way to go before being finished.


Sneak peeks

So the last few days I have quietly been working on my first costume. I have finished the embroidery work on the seat, and I’ve sewn the drapes on the side onto the seat as well. The halter is nearly finished too, so I guess this may well be the half-way-there point!

Alongside the costume I worked on this red presentation set:

This is the first piece where I tried brushing out the tassels, and I’m liking the results. It’s a LOT more work to make tassels now though. I am still perfecting the technique, so expect to see a few more tack pieces with this style of tassels!

Starting my first costume

Today I decided it was time to start working on my first ever full Arabian costume! It will be a native-themed costume in black and blue, with lots of tassels and cowries.

I started out by sculpting the seat for the costume in Apoxie Sculpt. So I wrapped my poor PS Arab named Bakarat in some clear plastic foil to protect him from the clay

saddle tree_001

He’s looking a bit worried here

And then continued to pile up Apoxie until the seat was shaped properly.

I then waited for the clay to dry… *3 hours later* And with a bit of sanding and touching up in some places, the seat is now complete!

Later today I will hop by the local hobby store to get some black felt, beads, and other sewing supplies that I’ll need to make this costume.