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Another sneak peek

Here is another quick peek at my customized PAF, and his mom. Work in progress!


Late night studio update

Today I have been doing everything except making tack. I started the day by doing some simple custom work on this cute little Breyer PAF.

He will eventually be an adorable baby chestnut colour. Then I worked a bit on these two stablemate customs that have been lying around my desk for too long.

The rearing one will be a Lipizzaner stallion once I’m done with him, and the galloping one will be a Lusitano. And finally I put another layer of oil paint on my Branston resin. The grey color on her head starts to resemble the colour I’m aiming for. 

Lots of work to be done still, but today was a productive day customizing-wise 🙂 

I also started a new project: making miniature props. I made some mini carrots and an apple. The carrots look pretty nice, but I’m not 100% satisfied with the apple… I guess I need to practise a little more.

Live show rescue horse

I didn’t leave the Akmar Tribute show empty handed… 

This guy was sitting on the sales table for a while, when my boyfriend (who accompanied my to the show) spotted him. He knows I love a good project and a challenge, so he picked the horse up and gave it to me. I gladly took him home and stripped him of any remaining paint. I was planning to do a simple custom on him, but then this happened…

He is now ‘loping’ (a slow canter). He has a long way to go, but we’re getting there. Eventually I will resculpt most of his head, mane, tail, hindquarters and his left elbow/shoulder. The inspiration for this custom came from this real horse:

I also decided to let my boyfriend name him. This horse shall now be known as Diesel Black Gold, or just Diesel. If he turns out well I might just have to get a nice tack set for him for future shows…

Posting from Scotland

The past 4 days I have been staying in the beautiful Scottish countryside in a place called Inverbervie. I also visited the town of Dundee, and tried lots of local food specialties (who knew beans go really well with eggs and toast?!).

The trip was planned around one single BIG goal: climbing the tallest mountain in Scotland, the Ben Nevis – and coming back down alive. So we set out at 3 in the morning, drove for a couple of hours, and started walking at 7am.

Beautiful sunrise while driving to Ben Nevis

The start of the 16km long path

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK at 1.345 km (4400+ feet) high. It was a real struggle getting to the top, but the people walking with me were great company and the views from the summit were absolutely worth every bit of muscle pain!

The aches in my legs will go away eventually (ha, I hope!), but I will forever remember the fantastic feeling I got when reaching the top!

First blog post

Hi all, and welcome to my new blog/website! I am a model horse tack maker, which means I work in a *tiny* scale to reproduce real tack pieces to fit model horses. I work mostly in 1:9 scale (aka Traditional scale), but I have also made pieces for 1:16 and 1:32 scale models. At the moment my focus is on Arabian tack, but when you visit the Other Galleries page you can see other types of tack that I made in the past (like this one):


I hope to use this blog to show my in-progress tack pieces, and perhaps share some handy tips and tricks about making tack 🙂 I really want to keep this blog updated! Knowing myself though, I might not get around to updating it every day or week…So this is a challenge! Anyway, I h0pe you enjoy reading though it. Thank you for visiting!