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Finished native halters

Today I made the cowries for the two native halters I was working on. They turned out great, and both will be put up for sale on MH$P.

The black halter:

And the red halter:

Neither of the halters is adjustable in length, but surprisingly they both fit on the  PSA and Breyer PAM. Apparently their heads a pretty similar in size. Seeing the red halter on my PS Arab kind of makes me want to keep it…

red & black native_001

I will place links to their MH$P ads soon 🙂




Searching ‘Arabian show halters’ on Google images turns up hundreds of results. Many of those beautiful halters and presentation sets I can only dream of making in mini scale, but some I aspire to recreate someday. Below are some pictures of what inspires me (none were taken by me).



I can even say that I’m working on recreating one of the above halters right now… But that’s for another blog post.