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How to Macrame

Yesterday when I was finishing up a halter commission, I thought it would be fun to give you a kind of “sneak peek” how I make macrame halters. This is not a tutorial (although I do intend to make one about macrame halters one day), but it does explain some basic stuff I do when I’m macrame-ing 🙂 

I started out with some black embroidery thread and some clear beads. For this halter I only used the so-called square knot of macrame. I also use this knot to secure beads into the pattern. When I start a halter, I always knot a short length with just the square knot – that will be the bit that holds the jumprings for the noseband (of nose chain). Only after I’ve done that, I start knotting in beads.

Short length of knots before beading starts

As you might have noticed, I like to attach the thread to a large needle, and tape that to the table. You can also pin the tread on a board.

Next I’ll show you how I add in beads:

I have 3 strands: 2 very long ones that I use to make knots with, and 1 thick shorter strand to add beads on. I take a bead and thread it onto the thick strand.

Then I slide the bead all the way up to where it is supposed to go. Notice that the long strands on the side are not used yet.

I then take the longer strands and make the first half of a square knot around the bead. I pull the knot tight against the bead and do the other half of the square knot.

Here is the knot pulled tight.

I then continue on to knot until I reach the bit that goes over the top of the horse’s head (the crown piece if you like). I generally leave that unbeaded. When I reach the other side of the horse’s head I continue beading until the strap is symmetrical. Later I add the jumprings that will hold the noseband and the chain that goes under the chin. 

So, this is a small insight into making macrame halters. If you’d like to learn some macrame knots, this website is a great help! 


Macrame halters

After doing research for my last reference post, I was inspired by the many beautiful and elegant macrame show halters. So I wanted to try making one in mini scale. 

This first one has a twisting knot on the cheek pieces, and two little tassels. 

I found the thickness of this halter a little off, so I made a second one with smaller knots for a finer look. This one has a simple design with coloured beads woven into a pattern.

I am looking forward to making these in all sorts of colours and designs!