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Modern Show Halter Reference

This is the second post in my Tack Reference series, and this one will focus on the beaded, crystal and macrame style Arabian halters. These types of halters became popular with showers of real Arabian horses because they are sparkly and yet subtle, and they are usually so delicate that they show off a horse’s head well. Keep in mind that this type of halter is not fixed to a certain standard, and so there are many different kinds of halters in this category. I will try to discuss them all.

Beaded Halters
Beaded halters are…beaded. They are essentially a simple headstall made out of beads with a chain noseband that can have charms on it or not. The beads for the halter are ususally varying in size, with alternating small and large beads. The noseband can also be beaded. These halters can be worn with or without a throatlatch. Sometimes a tassel on each side of the halter can be added, though this is not common. Any colour is possible with these halters, and many are accented with gold or silver beads.


Crystal Halters / Arabian Horse Jewelry
I call these halters ‘crystal’ halters because they often have crystal-like stones on them. Really I am just making this category up, because it’s quite hard to seperate the modern show halters into categories. Crystal halters are heavily jeweled, with golden or silver decorations on the entire halter. They can have little decorations shaped like moons, stars or suns on them.


Macrame Halters
These halters are made using the special type of weaving called ‘macrame’, which is believed to have originated in the 13th century in Arab countries. The macrame halters basically weave beads and other decorations into an intricate pattern. They are usually very fine, detailed halters – perfect for showing! They do not usually have throatlatches, but I suppose those can be added for shows that require them.