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Dark red set

Recently I finished this lovely dark red presentation set. It was a commission for someone, so I hope she will be happy with it too. Please excuse the pictures, I need to take better ones when the weather is nicer here.

I also put the set on my new Salome resin. It’s slightly too large for her, but the colour looks really nice on her.


Back to tack

Before the Akmar Tribute show, I took some time to finish this commissioned halter. It’s an authentic native style halter, replicated from a picture of a real halter. It features brushed tassels with a silk look, handmade cowrie decorations, a silver chain with coins, and a detachable throatlatch.

This appears to be the only decent picture I have of it. I will take some better ones tomorrow and upload them to this post ๐Ÿ™‚

Native Halter References

Recently I have been playing with the idea of doing a kind of ‘reference’ posts about Arabian tack. It would serve as a way of compiling lots of pictures of different styles of Arab tack, with short descriptions of what’s used at shows and other events. Of course I’m not an all-knowing expert on Arabian tack, so it will also be a fun learning process for me.
I will start with the tack item I know best – the native Arabian halter. Surprisingly, there are many variants out there, and I will describe each below. I will try to give photo credit wherever I can, but in some casesย I couldn’t hunt down the person who took the picture.

Bedouin native halters
Bedouin native halters are woven from wool, and are usually found in traditional colours such as red, yellow, green, blue, white and black. These halters have a metal nose band (brass, silver or gold) sometimes with ‘daggers’ (shark’s teeth) hanging from them. According to some sources, the Bedouin halters only have tassels on the ends of the halter, near the noseband, as opposed to Egyptian native halters which also have tassels on the check pieces. Bedouin halters are decorated with cowrie shell designs and beads. The throatlatches are usually removable from the halter so it can be used with or without.


Egyptian native halters
This style of halter is essentially the same as the Bedouin style, but with tassels (usually three) on the cheeck pieces. This type of halter can also come in a ‘zebra striped’ pattern where the base of the halter is woven with two different colours. These halters can also have mini ‘pompoms’ on them in different colours, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a good photo of a halter with those. Egyptian native halters are sometimes seen with a decorative browband as well, though not often. The browbands are usually in a V shape and have one or more tassels attached.


El Badia style native halters
El Badia halters are an adaption of the Egyptian style halters, with the tassels being beaded at the ends. These halters often have shark’s teeth or other charms hanging from the chain nosebands. Unfortunately these halters are a little uncommon, so finding good reference pictures is hard.


Native style show halters
Show halters can be done in a native style too. These often have no tassels, and no throatlatches. Though a throatlatch can always be attached since they are mandatory in some shows. The nosebands can be plain chain or have charms. The base of the halter is attached to two halter rings, and can be wrapped with a contrasting colour or left unwapped. Cowrie shells can be used seperate in a row, or in the classic medallion style.

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful halters in this post, and hopefully it was helpful. I would like to do posts like this on native costumes, Hollywood costumes, dancing horse costumes and other show halters. If you have other ideas for reference posts, let me know!

Blue Halter Finished

Yesterday I finished this blue halter and leadrope. The leadrope has a tassel in the “new style”. It gives the halter a nice silky polished look.

I used dark blue embroidery thread for this halter, and added a splash of colour with an orange stripe running over it. The cowries and little medallions are handmade.

I haven’t decided wether I will put this halter up for sale, since I like it so much ๐Ÿ™‚ I might…or not, but if I do I’ll post the link here.

Sneak peeks

So the last few days I have quietly been working on my first costume. I have finished the embroidery work on the seat, and I’ve sewn the drapes on the side onto the seat as well. The halter is nearly finished too, so I guess this may well be the half-way-there point!

Alongside the costume I worked on this red presentation set:

This is the first piece where I tried brushing out the tassels, and I’m liking the results. It’s a LOT more work to make tassels now though. I am still perfecting the technique, so expect to see a few more tack pieces with this style of tassels!

Green set finished

Today I finished a seafoam green set I was working on for the past week. It is based on native style presentation sets, and features handmade cowrie shells and medallions, as well as tiny silver microbeads on the end of each tassel. The set is a nice blend of green, blue, yellow, dark red and silver, and it will suit horses of any colour. The halter is adjustable with a silver buckle, so it will fit larger or smaller models too. The throat latch is adjustable with a clear sliding bead.

This set is for sale on MH$P, its ad is here. I do ship internationally ๐Ÿ™‚