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Sneak peeks

So the last few days I have quietly been working on my first costume. I have finished the embroidery work on the seat, and I’ve sewn the drapes on the side onto the seat as well. The halter is nearly finished too, so I guess this may well be the half-way-there point!

Alongside the costume I worked on this red presentation set:

This is the first piece where I tried brushing out the tassels, and I’m liking the results. It’s a LOT more work to make tassels now though. I am still perfecting the technique, so expect to see a few more tack pieces with this style of tassels!


Green set finished

Today I finished a seafoam green set I was working on for the past week. It is based on native style presentation sets, and features handmade cowrie shells and medallions, as well as tiny silver microbeads on the end of each tassel. The set is a nice blend of green, blue, yellow, dark red and silver, and it will suit horses of any colour. The halter is adjustable with a silver buckle, so it will fit larger or smaller models too. The throat latch is adjustable with a clear sliding bead.

This set is for sale on MH$P, its ad is here. I do ship internationally 🙂