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The Arabian companion

….the Saluki dog! This breed of dog had been around for many centuries and is believed to be one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. The Saluki dog was/is used as a “sight hound” for hunting, hence its long legs and slim body.

I wanted to make a sculpture of a Saluki dog to accompany my Arabian horse collection. Here are some in-progress pictures (keep in mind that the sculpture is nowhere near done).

I will post more updates on its progress as it evolves into a realistic sculpt 🙂 And here are some pictures of real Salukis to give you an idea what it will look like later:


Starting my first costume

Today I decided it was time to start working on my first ever full Arabian costume! It will be a native-themed costume in black and blue, with lots of tassels and cowries.

I started out by sculpting the seat for the costume in Apoxie Sculpt. So I wrapped my poor PS Arab named Bakarat in some clear plastic foil to protect him from the clay

saddle tree_001

He’s looking a bit worried here

And then continued to pile up Apoxie until the seat was shaped properly.

I then waited for the clay to dry… *3 hours later* And with a bit of sanding and touching up in some places, the seat is now complete!

Later today I will hop by the local hobby store to get some black felt, beads, and other sewing supplies that I’ll need to make this costume.