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Tack tip: wrapping tassels

So I’ve been back from Scotland for a few days, and I have done nothing but making tassels for my first costume and a couple of presentation sets. While I was making the 873th tassel or so, it occurred to me that my way of wrapping tassels might be different from how other tack makers wrap theirs. I know there are many good tutorials out there on how to make tassels, like the one by Jennifer Wilson on Model Horse Blab. But wanted to show you how I make my tassels, in case it’s helpful to understand the process. So here is a mini tutorial on how to wrap tassels using my technique.

I start by cutting a length of string in the same colour (or a colour close to) as my tassels will be. I then cut bits of floss a little longer than twice the length I want the tassel to be. (You can also make tassels from silk or sewing thread, but since these will have microbeads on them I use floss because they stick better to that).

Next I place the floss in the middle of the thread, and double-knot it.

Then I cut a length of the thread that will wrap around the tassel – in this case bordeaux red. I then make a loop with the red thread as shown in the picture.

When the loop is securely around the tassel, I pull on both ends and knot it again. Make sure that the short bit of red thread is pointing in the direction of the blue thread, and the long bit down towards the tassel!

I then wrap the long end of the red thread around the tassel (about 5 times), making sure that the short end of the red thread is underneath the ‘wrappings’.

Next I thread the long end through a small needle and push the needle underneath the wrapped bit as seen in the photo.

I pull the needle through and give both ends of the red thread a tug to tighten the wrapped bit.

Then just trim off the excess red thread on both sides and you’re done!

This method creates nice, durable tassels, and you can’t see any knots! I hope this was helpful to some of you 🙂